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New Underground Records (Nu Underground Records) is an American DIY punk record label founded in 1980, based out of South Bay, Los Angeles California. It was founded by a long-time punk veterans Danny Dean (Danny Dean Phillips, Danny Phillips) and the late Gary Kail. New Underground Records is one of the first DIY punk record labels to come out of the South Bay punk scene of the 1980's. New Underground Records started out with Anti (Anti Band), Mood of Defiance, and Zurich 1916 paving the way for several of the most collected vinyl compilations known to the South Bay punk scene of the early 80's with releases to the present day widening the punk genere to indie, rock and rockabilly. In 1990 the late Gary Kail signed over his shares of New Underground Records leaving Danny Dean the sole owner. New Underground Records was one of the three main (New Underground Records, SST Records, and New Alliance) DIY punk labels orginally distributed through Greenworld Distribution, which later became Enigma Records. Mike Watt (of Minutemen, and Iggy and the Stooges) is credited as a huge help and influence of Danny Dean and Gary Kail at the birth and creation of New Underground Records. New Underground Records of the present has plans to reissue some of there many compilations and titles, also as co-label releases with the likes of GTA (Grand Theft Audio), and Delirium Records and many more to come.  


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Are you a d.i.y. punk rocker? Interested in punk rock history? New Underground Records

List of Artist on New Underground Records

  • Anti (Anti Punk Band)
  • Artistic Decline
  • Redd Kross (Red Cross)
  • Descendents
  • Ill Will
  • Civil Dismay
  • China White
  • Mood of Defiance
  • Minutemen
  • 100 Flowers
  • Urinals
  • Zurich 1916
  • Plebs
  • Saccharine Trust
  • Baggs
  • Shattered Faith
  • M.I.A.
  • Germs
  • Bpeople
  • Invisible Chains
  • Vox Pop 
  • Powertrip
  • Modern Warfare
  • Hari Kari
  • Sin 34
  • Modern Torture
  • Invisible Chains
  • Slivers
  • Marshall Mellow
  • Carl Stone
  • Doo-Dooettes
  • Tone Deaf
  • Debt of Nature
  • Pilgrim State
  • Mercury Tilt Switch


List of Releases on New Underground Records

Artist Title (Format) Cat#  Year  
  Artistic Decline Media Lies / Gotta Be Me ‎(7", Ace) none Unknown  
  Artistic Decline No News ‎(Acetate, 7") none Unknown  
  Artistic Decline Gotta Be Me / Media Lies ‎(Acetate, 7", Single, Promo) none Unknown  
  Various Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself (Comp)  NU-11 1982  
  Artistic Decline Four Songs EP ‎(7", EP) NU-12 1983  
  Anti (6) I Don't Want To Die In Your War ‎(LP, Album) NU-22 1982  
  Mood Of Defiance Now ‎(LP, Album) NU-33 1982  
  Various Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods? ‎(LP, Comp) NU-44 1983  
  Various Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record ‎(LP, Comp) NU-55 1983  
  Anti (6) Defy The System ‎(LP, Album) NU-77 1983  
  Pilgrim State (2) Effective Spiritual Warfare ‎(LP) NU 88 1983  
  Gary Kail A Soundtrack For Nightmares ‎(Cass, Album) NU-666 1984  
  Anti (6) God Can't Bounce ‎(LP) NU-1010 1984  
  Mercury Tilt Switch (2) Automatic Tilt ‎(CD) NU-2941 1994  
  Minutemen / Saccharine Trust The Burning Brothel. / My Heart Bleedz Pink Lemonade ‎(7", EP, Comp, Ltd, Pur) WUB 005 2011

Danny Dean & Gary Kail