About MoleTrax East

Want to record? Want to record on analog? We have you covered from New York to California


Want to record? Want to record on analog? 
We have you covered from New York to California

MoleTrax East - Analog Recording Studios, located in New York, birth place of 'the Mole' himself, renowned recording engineer Jeff Moleski, is an analog recording facility featuring two full tracking rooms each equipped with their own mixing and vocal rooms. All of our rooms are fully equipped to accommodate any recording project and genre of music. Jeff Moleski has been in the studio business over 30 years producing, recording, engineering, mixing not mention building a few several studios and a clientele full of established acts setting us apart from the competition alone, and is one the main reasons that labels, producers, engineers, managers and artists old and new record with us. 


Amerikan Primitive (hard rock)
Smashing Pumpkins (alternative, pop, rock of Billy Corgan)
Jizzy Pearl (alternative, pop, rock) 
Kathy Valentine (new wave, rock of the Go-Gos)
Donnie Vie (alternative, pop, rock)
Come in 773 (alternative, pop, rock)
Jamie Notarthomas (alternative, pop, rock) 
Richard Cheese (rockabilly, comedy)
Yuletide Lounge Band (contemporary, Christmas, holiday)
Berlin (new wave, rock)
Driven (pop, rock) 
Vegas DeMilo (alternative, pop, rock) 
OPM (alternative, pop, rock) 
Local H (alternative, pop, rock) 
Season to Risk (alternative, pop, rock signed by Columbia Records, Steve Tulipana, produced by Martin Bisi)
Augustine (rock)
Whodunit (alternative, pop, rock) 
Chika (pop, rock) 
the Dyslexic Apaches (pop, rock) 
Ed Williams (blues of Lil Ed, Dave Weld) 
Phantom Helmsmen (alternative, pop, rock) 
Rollerover (alternative, pop, rock) 
Big Time Sponge (pop, rock) 
Busker Soundcheck (pop, rock) 
the Dovers (psychedelic, garage, rock) 
Catherine (alternative, pop, rock produced by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins)
Season to Risk (alternative, pop, rock) 
Wedge (pop, rock, surf) 
Sweet Relief II (pop, rock compilation of Madonna, R.E.M., Live, Hootie and the Blowfish, Garbage, Soul Asylum, Smashing Pumpkins, Indigo Girls to name a few)
The Inner Flame (country, rockabilly, americana, rock compilation of Rainer Ptacek, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Emmylou Harris, Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, PJ Harvey, Jonathan Richman)
Lost Highway (alternative, rock compilation of David Lynch, produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Lou Reed)
For the Masses (alternative, electronica, new wave, synth-pop tribute albumn to Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, the Cure, Gus Gus, Rammstein)
MTV Spyder Games (pop, rock soundtrack of Poe & the Afrikan Conga Association, Bif Naked , OPM, Debelah Morgan, M2M, Cliff Downs to name a few)
A Little Bit Me, A Little Neil (indie, rock comilation of Desperation Squad, Michael Ubaldini, Truckee Brothers, Danny Dean and the Homewreckers to name a few)

Live Sound:

Blue Traveler (blues, rock)
Wolf Pack (rock)
Jimmy Page (rock of Led Zepplin)
Melissa Etheridge (indie, rock)

(...currently being constructed and updated, with over 30 years of producing, recording, engineering, mixing and live sound under his belt, Jeff Moleski's list is just cumming together. So what you see above is just a start at gathering every client and credit in one place and if you or your band is missing feel free to send your info to danalog@dannydean.com)
Jimmy Page | Jeff Moleski 

Jimmy Page | Jeff Moleski MoleTrax

MoleTrax West | Analog Recording Studio| Jeff Moleski

MoleTrax West | Analog Recording Studio| Jeff Moleski

MoleTrax West | Analog Recording Studio | Jeff Moleski

MoleTrax West | Analog Recording Studio | Jeff Moleski

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Analog tape machines: (Studer, Sony MCI, Sony APR, Ampex)2 inch 24 track
2 inch 16 track
1/2 inch 2 track
1/4 inch 2 track
1/4 inch mono

Pre-amps and EQ:
Dolby SR modules
Dolby XP modules
Neve pre-amp EQ modules
Puletec EQs 
1940s and 1950s RCA tube pre-amps

Yamaha SREV1 reverb
AMS DMX delay
*Plate reverb and live echo chamber in the works

Compressor and limiters:
Universal Audio

West Lake Audio monitors
Urei monitors
Genelec Studio monitors
KRK monitors
Dynaudio monitors

Neumann microphones
Heil microphones
RCA microphones
AKG microphones
Shure microphones
Beyerdynamics microphones
Cloud ribbon microphones
Sennheiser microphones

(Pro Tools, along with a great variety of plug-ins and a large amout of floating gear and much more not listed above. Danny Dean is an avid collector and his collection of vintage and modern recording gear is ever expanding.)

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